Integrating MixCast

How do I integrate MixCast?

Implementing MixCast in your project is a simple, two-minute process! MixCast support can be added to any SteamVR Unity application with our MixCast SDK for Unity, which is offered on our website. Once the SDK has been imported, there are 2 prefabs to add to your scene, the MixCastCameras prefab under your CameraRig Transform (which is initially found in the SteamVR plugin folder), and the MixCast UI prefab at the root of the scene or somewhere it will be accessible to users. Lastly, you will need to install and run MixCast VR Studio to set up your MixCast settings and data.

A full video walkthrough can be viewed here!

Will MixCast work in my application?

As long as you're working in Unity, the answer is probably yes! (Other developers, let's chat)

MixCast works with both deferred and forward rendering, supports most post-processing effects on the MR output (such as bloom or SSAO), and will generally work without modifying any existing GameObject structures or scripts. Performance may become a concern with more graphically intensive experiences since Mixed Reality adds another camera to the scene, but can often be alleviated by using more powerful hardware or adapting quality settings when MixCast is active.

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