Custom Logo Setup

Please note, this feature is only available with paid licenses of MixCast.


Users can add a custom logo or watermark to their mixed reality videos and snapshots, for branding and copyright protection. This feature is available with the Streamer/Arcade, Education, Professional Film or eSports editions.

A custom logo is most valuable for arcades to brand screenshots taken in arcades, and for streamers to help copyright their mixed reality broadcasts.

What You Need

  • PNG image file with a transparent background

Custom Logo Setup

Place the PNG image in: 

C:\Users\[Name of User]\AppData\LocalLow\Blueprint Reality\MixCast Studio

 After you have placed it, right click on the file and click Properties.

Once in the properties menu rename the file to Branding by clicking the title box. The full filename should be "Branding.png" after renaming - be careful not to name it 'Branding.png.png' if file extensions are hidden.

And that's it! Now, when you open up MixCast you will see your logo on the bottom right of the screen!


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